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Kick-Off Meeting - EASE

EASE project
EASE (Energy Aware Auto-Tuning for Scientific Applications), an energy-aware framework, enacts energy aware auto-tuning mechanisms for HPC applications. The framework considers performance prediction and energy modeling aspects of HPC applications with the support of insieme compiler and EnergyAnalyzer tool.

This project is a bilateral collaborative project which was funded by FWF (Austria) and DST (India) to the tune of Rs.3.5crores (Approx). This project is sanctioned for 3 years from May 2014.

The project has 5 workpackages: WP1 - Management (Both Indian and Austrian Side); WP2 - Compiler support (Austria Side); WP3 - Runtime system (Austrian Side); WP4 - Energy Modeling (Indian Side); WP5 - Online Performance Analysis (Indian Side).
Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Thomas Fahringer (Austrian Side) and Dr. Shajulin Benedict Ph.D, PostDoc(Germany) (Indian Side)

Project Meetings - Achievements
The project meetings held and the synopsis of the meetings are found here.